Rt to 300°С

MHCS300 Series

heating and cooling stage

The MHS300 series stages are suitable for all sorts of experiments from ambient up till 300°С . MHS300 stages are ideal  for optical thermal microscopy, spectroscopy and X-ray  as well as for other demanding application where a broad temperature range is required. MHS300 can be incorporated easily in any complex high-tech setup. The MHS300 stages offer the best solution for Geological, Fluid Inclusion, Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, or other Materials Science applications.

MicrOptik has developed a MHCS300 series of Heating and Cooling Stage with a wide temperature range to operate under atmosphere environments with temperature range from ambient up to to 300ºC. MHCS300 can contain a variety of samples including electro-optic devices and cell culture preparations. It may be easily incorporated into microscopes, different lab systems. MHCS300 stages are supplied with a high precision MTDC600 programmable temperature controller. MTDC600 temperature controller can be operated by Software or Manually. It makes the system more adaptive and flexible.