Powders and Granules Contamination analyzer

Morphious C1 Contamination analyzer

Morphious C1  Contamination analyzer for Powders & Granules. This system enables impurities and foreign material to be analyzed in  powders and granules. This state-of-the-art system is equipped with a high-resolution USB 3 CMOS camera (2456 x 2054) 5Mp, full color analyzer, 36 f/s) and a sophisticated stroboscopic LED illumination unit, allowing to analyze and display  the results in the best possible manner. The system is easy for both the operator as well as the expert.

C1 Powders & Granules Analyzer guarantees high throughput and is capable to inspect up to 2 kg of powders per hour and up to 25 Kg of pellets per hour. And what is very important, the instrument can be applied for inspecting materials on the production line using a so-called bypass system. That means granules can be analyzed during the production process thus efficiently increase the output quality.

The C1 system can be extended to a full sorting system. In the C1 sorting system we can purify the material and shoot the contaminants out. To facilitate the purification we are using an ultra fast responding nozzle manifold with dedicated electronics. For more information ask our sales people: sales@microptik.eu