Heating & Cooling Stage MHCS1200

MHCS1200 Features

  • Vacuum or Gas Tight Environments
  • Wide temperature range
  • Programmable temperature controller
  • Software or Manual control
  • Wide range of viewing apertures
  • Water cooling frame
  • High precision and high resolution temperature measurement and control
  • Suitable for transmitted and reflected light
  • Removable cover for easy sample access
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Vacuum port, gas port, vacuumed 4/6 or 8 pins electrical feedthrough

  MHCS1200 Technical Specification

Temperature rangeAmbient to 1200°C
Temperature resolution0.1°C
Temperature control methodSwitching PID-PID
Temperature control sensorType S Pt-10% Rh/Pt thermocouple
Sample areaØ 25mm; 48mm; 75mm
Chamber heightStandard 4mm (other per request)
Sample viewing aperture32mm (other per request )
Objective working distance6mm (other per optional)
Electrical feedthrough4 electrical feedthrough (other  per request)

System Configuration