Machine Vision Microscopy

Machine Vision Microscopy

MicrOptik offers complete packages for any challenging machine vision digital microscopic application. We offer

  • All sorts of mechanical an opto building blocks. Base plate, Beam Condensor, XY table, stand, Z axis,
  • Fully Motorized systems (with control software)
  • Lenses (all sorts), Zoom lenses, Machine vision lenses. etc.
  • Beam splitters.
  • Coaxial modules
  • Polarizers
  • Confocal modules
  • Cameras (all sorts)
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Interfaces
  • Controllers
  • Heating and Cooling stages
  • Environmental chambers
  • Flow through cells
  • Robots
  • and many more

We can design complete custom built systems

Our approach:

Send to us a sketch of how you want to set up your system and we provide you with a complete 3D animation of your system. Once we agree, we produce the system as you would like to have it.

send us your request:


Top-Eye 3D Microscopes

Top-eye 3D Microscopes!
High end all purpose digital video microscopes for many applications:
3D inspection, industrial quality control, material analysis, medical and
pharmaceutical, forensic, high throughput screening, research and
development and many more.
Family of Top-Eye varies from our standard Top-eye P1 system to our
highly sophisticated Top-eye P5 (LR-LT-G).
Top-eye systems can be easily adapted to your needs.