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Experts in custom built analytical technology

With over 30 years of experience in applied analytical technology our company has become known for its perseverance and creativity in tackling difficult problems.
With a group of scientists, engineers, organizers and innovators a significant portfolio of products has been established. Delivering analytical solutions with the highest standard, tailored to your needs, is what drives us forward. We use our extensive experience and rule bending mindset to create innovation.

The industries and institutes we work for

Plastic, Recycle, Agro, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage, Academic, Electronics, Security, Forensic and more.

Our Products

From custom built...

For machine vision and spectroscopy applications which are not of the shelf, we offer clients a complete custom built product. In the procedure we follow an engineering charter (Six Sigma)  in consensus with the wishes and desires of the client in tangible and measurable terms.

From idea to complete turn key solution.


Automotive Inspection

Automatic Cosmetic defect analyzer in trimmed automotive parts | Lacks Enterprises USA

Plastic recycling

Purification of recycled nylon pellets | Flontech Italy

Agro quality inspection

Analyzers for inspection of Cereal, Crops and Pulses | Hensall Co-Op Canada off the shelf products

Once a custom built project has been completed, the end product might find more useful applications and when so, the system has become an off the shelf turn key product.

Raw material inspection

Morphious™ products

We provide quality inspection systems for material analysis in plastic production, recycle, Agro, pharmaceutic, forensic and many more fields.

contamination, size and shape, particle analysis, purification and sorting systems


Heating & Cooling Stages

State of the art Heating & Cooling stages for thermoptometry inspection.

For microscopy as well as spectroscopy.

Machine vision

Custom built turn key applications for Digital Video Microscopy. i.e. forensic, material inspection, medical, 3D reconstruction, lifescience and more..

Applied Spectroscopy

Custom built turn key application’s for spectroscopy. For all sorts of bench top as well as on-line process applications. 

We've developed
tailored solutions for:

The art of innovation.

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