Heating & Cooling Stages

For Microscopy and Spectroscopy

Microptik has combined its renowned experience in microscopy and spectroscopy with precise temperature control technology to develop a new line of high quality hot and cold stages for thermoptometry inspection.

We have collaborated with the best scientists in the world, from renowned institutes and universities, to build state of the art Heating & Cooling stages. We feel committed to develop for our clients the best possible instruments to facilitate their exciting explorations of new research frontiers!

In Microptik we put our engineering skills and development experience to your needs. We can produce tailored hot stage hardware, incorporating X-Y manual or automatic moving stage, high accuracy (0.1micron) motorized spindle driven or ultra-fast belt driven, rotation table, rounded shaped and much more. Solid state samples, liquid crystal applications.

Contact Microptik today for complete product brochures. Inquiries for a hot and cold stage system customized to your special requirements are also welcome.