FTIR additives & density

On-line FT-Infrared Spectroscopy

Replacing your Quality Methods by one single technique.

Appaco® is a spectroscopic technology, applied in the modern plastic industry, to measure real time additives, co-monomer composition as well as some chemical properties during the production of the base resin. For state-of-the-art process as well as quality control, the Appaco system, is an absolute requirement in modern plastic production facilities.  With a better precision and a faster analysis time, this single technology replaces most of the conventional off-line quality control (QC) methods. The features of Appaco make the technology a valuable investment and offer a platform to enter new demanding markets. For process control, in addition to melt index and in homogeneity, the Appaco system generates real time very useful complementary analytical data. For example for products with a similar melt index and a different additive package, Appaco will be able to accurately monitor type changes. In addition, the technology offers tools for monitoring real time co-monomer incorporation. Physical property such as density in polyethylene can be determined real time, with a better precision than the off-line column gradient or Archimedes methods. The technology provides early warning in erroneous master batch preparation, which in many cases avoids huge customer claims. As this technology replaces many conventional QC methods, savings in labor cost are considerable. The Appaco system is fully automated and no people are needed to run the system. There is no question, using Appaco in the process is beneficial, it saves considerable money and offers the panel operators an extra watching eye.