Large Format (Film) Analyzer system!

Detecting any shape, size and color of any artifact, gel, impurity in a film or disc or in a layer of granules or powders or in any device.

The LFA scanner is the top of the line in generating Critical To Quality parameters (CTQ) for the inspection of films, discs, granules, powders or devices. This workhorse is fully autonomic in recognizing the sample and finding the contamination or artifacts or any desired CTQ parameter. The system can be trained to inspect any specific sample by easy teaching the machine to follow a certain recipe. The LFA is a must have in any quality control lab or in a R&D environment depending on the application.

Microptik Morphious large Format Analyzer LFA Models available LFA1, LFA2, LFA3M, LFAT LFA2 is system with 2 camera’s, LFA3 is system with 3 camera’s Last camera is for Zoom lens high end microscope LFAT is system with 3 camera’s microscope and topography sensor.

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