-190°С to 400°С

MHCS400 Series

MHCS400 stages are ideal instruments for optical thermal microscopy and spectroscopy applications as well as for other general applications where a broad temperature range is required. MHCS400 can be incorporated easily in any complex high‐tech setup. The MHCS400 stages offer the best solution for Geological, Fluid Inclusion, Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, or other Materials Science applications.

MicrOptik has developed a MHCS400 series of Heating and Cooling Stage to operate under atmosphere environments with temperature range ‐190°C to 400°C. MHCS400 can contain a variety of samples including electro‐optic devices and cell culture preparations. It may be easily incorporated into microscopes, different lab systems.Thanks to inner thermal shell it is ultra high temperature stable. Standard 25mmx75mm microscope slides can be directly used as a sample plates. MHCS400 series can be supplied with precession XY micro positioner to provide a correct sample position. MHCS400 stages are supplied with a high precision MTDC600 programmable temperature controller. MTDC600 temperature controller can be operated by Software or Manually. It makes the system more adaptive and flexible. For applications below ambient temperature Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System LN2‐SYS is provided.